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Apr 1, 2019
Beginners to carding always do request for a list of non-VBV BINS. In this short post, I will show you a list of non-vbv bins that you can use for free, and the way to bypass OTP.
Carding is evolving and you have to improve your method to be able to beat security. Payments industries continue to add additional protocols of security to ensure that cards used on the internet are secured.
The common methods include sending OTPs to registered email addresses of cards, sending OTP as text messages to phones of users to verify the card owner as they perform transactions online.
Unfortunately, not all cards have this function and level of protection, and this is where we exploit to make the money. The cards that we use for carding are called non-VBV or non-MSC cards.
These are some of the terms you will encounter when working with a non-VBV bins. Some of these terms are.
VBV means Verified by Visa. Also known as VBV/3D, it is an extra level of online protection some credit and debit cards have. Such cards require the owner of the card to confirm transactions from any preferred channel before payment is authorized between merchants. Preferred channels can include SMS, email, or call where they get the OTP (to be explained later) or a request to provide an answer to their personal security question.
Another security layer might be for the card owner to input their Social Security Number, Date of Birth (DOB), or password.
A non-VBV card doesn’t possess this extra information required from card owners, which makes it the best card for carding.
OTP means a one-time password that includes a combination of numbers, letters, for a particular transaction.
The numbers I am about to give you include non-VBV or 2D cards. They bypass VBV windows without an OTP.
What is BIN
Bin is the short form for Bank Identification Number, which is a 6-digit number that is tied to a particular Credit Card. If you don’t have this information, some sites can provide this particular information for you.
MSC is just like VBV in Visa cards, which acts as an extra layer of protection against theft. MSC is present Credit Cards from Mastercard, and it has a similar protocol to VBV.
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