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  1. Roman Alex

    How to Create Stealth PayPal Account

    You want to know how to create stealth PayPal account if you reside outside the US or in a country where PayPal is not supported. Use residents who prefer to go stealth also need this helpful guide. At some point, you would need a PayPal account since there’s no universal alternative currently...
  2. Roman Alex

    How to Legally Make Money with Cryptocurrency

    So you’re interested in getting into crypto and want to turn Bitcoin into cash. You’ve heard all of the success stories – people making millions of dollars by getting in early and selling when the prices are high. Or perhaps you have friends who make a steady income by mining cryptocurrency...
  3. Roman Alex


    What Is BIN? The Bank Identification Number (BIN) is a 6-digit number that is unique to the CC. If you don’t already have this information, there’s plenty of sites you can use to find it. What Is VBV? Verified by Visa or VBV/3D is an extra layer of online protection some debit or credit cards...
  4. Roman Alex

    Social media’s role in SIM swap fraud 2023

    Social media’s role in SIM swap fraud Scammers can use your social media profiles to gather information on you that may help them impersonate you when they’re trying to close a SIM swap scam. Say your mother’s maiden name or your high school mascot are answers to your security questions. A...
  5. Roman Alex

    How SIM swapping works 2023

    A SIM swap scam happens when criminals take over control of your phone by tricking your carrier to connect your phone number to a SIM card in their possession. These scammers basically take over control of your mobile phone’s number. To steal your number, scammers start by gathering as much...
  6. Samantha Celentano

    $4000 transfer of westernunion transfer with Roman

    I want to open escrow request for this deal. Seller name Roman Alex. Payment btc $500 with escrow few.
  7. Roman Alex

    Germany Visa Credit Classic Share By Russian Carders

    4907443260724016|03|23|070|Elisabetta|Pinzon|Hansaallee 29 f|Frankfurt|Bitte wählen Sie einen Wert für Bundesland bzw. Provinz bzw. Gebiet aus.|60322|+491606088260
  8. Roman Alex

    Portugal Master Debit Standard for New Russian Carders

    5539060061212760 | 09 | 2023 | 297 | PORTUGAL | Andr Lopes | Rua Manuel Pinto de Azevedo 567 | Porto | | 4100-321 | | [email protected]
  9. Roman Alex

    {France Vusa Credit Gold}

    4533588322964497|05|23|345|Virginie Manteau|250 rue de la chapelle -|LE BOIS HELLAIN|27 - Eure|27260|0629680036|
  10. Approved CC

    Denmark Visa Debit High Balance

    4026207718385381|05|25|089|Miriam|Okoro|Gl. Hobrovej 175|Randers NV|region|8920|DK||91983878
  11. Approved CC

    Netherlands Master Credit Standard

    5220780337438345|877|0825|Mark Speer|Van Slingelandtstraat 139|s-Gravenhage|South Holland|2582XL|NL|31642291543
  12. Approved CC

    {Korea Master Credit Business}

    5585269317875899|664|0623|CG Yoon|Bestec Engineering Co., Ltd B-904, 60 Haan-ro|Gwangmyung -si|Gyunggi-do|14322|KR|
  13. Approved CC

    India Visa Debit Platinum

    4799321543005349|05|28|510|Savyaschin Joshi|413,4th Flr, 407, Adamji Bldg,rsitha Street, Masjid Bunder (e)|Mumbai|Maharashtra|
  14. B

    Dell Carding Guide Full Method

    Dell Carding Method... 1. Fresh Drop (if ur drop is blacklist in DELL u won't pass even ur CC is good) 2. Good CCV (non-VBV or non-MSC) 3. Sock / VPN / SSH / VPS (tis not important, but good sock at same state of CC is better) Now, let start: A - If You Want To Make Only Single Order With...
  15. Roman Alex

    ATM Skimming tricks for all

    1) Know your target/surroundings! Alright, one thing that many many people make mistake is that they first look for skimmer vendor and attempt to buy most "popular" ATM skimmer in place which Rafael says is the Die bold. Now, what I advise you guys who are just getting into skimming scene is to...
  16. Roman Alex

    Stockx Carding Method Updated With Bins For ALL

    1- Make an Account with credit card info 2- Use the Shipping Address as the billing address but don't panic, Feds can't come to your house as it acts as private / confidential info and StockX are not allowed to give that info out 3-Use Sock5, RDP & VPN 4-Make sure you clean cookies before in...
  17. Roman Alex

    Playstore Carding Method

    PLAYSTORE CARDING METHOD ● Use This Bin CC - 472254 ● It Is Available On Unicc And Mostly CC Shops. ● Then You Need An Old Gmail Account. ● Then Just Buy A CC And Add It In Your AppStore As A Payment Method. If It Success Means CC is Live.. If Fail Means CC Is Dead. You Need To Buy Another...
  18. Roman Alex

    Blockchain Testing Tutorial 2023

    Features of Blockchain includes Decentralized System: Beneficial in Various Industries like finance, real estate Etc. Better Security: Uses multiple nodes to complete and authenticate transactions Authenticity: Allows the unique algorithm to process data Increased Capacity: Increases the...
  19. Roman Alex

    Smartphone Carding 2022 latest method by Russian Carders's

    Hello Guys and Girls, Carding with a smartphone is regarded as extremely difficult by newbies since most tutorials cover how to card with a PC since they are safe and availabilities of PC carding tools, in this tutorial I will teach you how to card online store securely on your smartphone or...
  20. Roman Alex

    How to make money by trash CVV

    When you login a CVV shop, you can always find out there has some cheap or trash CVV for sales. For example buy cvv using cvvsale For normal card, they sell a CVV with USD 15, and you will got name, number, CVV, ZIP,address etc, almost all the information you need for carding. For trash card...

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