Black Gold

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Nov 26, 2018
You will need:

* RDP matching cc state not precisely the city but same city will be okay.

* GOOD MasterCard BIN

* Buy cc same state your drop is.

* Place a store pick up order with BESTBUY and remember to choose the store with the pick up option

* Select "I WILL PICK UP MYSELF". Do not insert your drops name after order is successfully created.

* Copy the stores address it should have their PHONE NUMBER. We don't need the BESTBUY official number YOU just need the particular store YOU placed the ORDER with number reason is so that u can repeat this process with the other stores and have them ship to 1 same place in a day without having difficulties and cancellations

* After you get ready for pick up mail from BESTBUY. Call the shop with which you placed the order with and tell them you cant pick it up because you have to go out of town asap or give them any story why you cant pick up so you want
You cant pick up so you want them to ship rather to your drop address

* You will be asked the type of shipment you prefer and the time duration for pick up so they can charge the cc again for it.


NOTE: You will be asked every single detail about the billing details even ZIP so be sure u have all those details in hand before you place call to BESTBUY.​

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