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Nov 26, 2018
What you will need:

A good stock of CVV2’s
Plenty of SIM cards
Internet Access
Mobile phone – Iphone 2G recommended

Step 1: How to find a sms-wmz exchanger

Google is your best friend! Keep repeating that phrase. You will be using it extensively so make sure you treat it well. Use obvious phrases such as sms wmz, this should bring up a good amount of exchangers. (you will have to use the translator for most of them as they are usually in Russian). Once you have found a website, check to see if it allows SMS to be sent from your country, usually there is a drop down box with available countries listed. If you didn’t find your country listed don’t worry just yet, they should have contact information listed either at the top or on a specific webpage. This is usually in the form of an ICQ number or another IM service. Most will speak English so ask them like any normal customer if they provide the service for your country, more often than not they just haven’t updated their website with the available countries.

Once you have found the a website that provides the service to your country we can move on to the next step!

Step 2: How to top up your SIM cards

This step is pretty much common sense, however there are a few things that deserves to be mentioned.

First thing you need to do is check to see if the SIM cards you have can be topped up via debit/credit card. Different providers have different verification methods; I know in the UK most providers will allow you to top up with just the address and basic card info; however I will leave that to your own devices as I am not aware of topping up methods outside of the UK. Two things to do take note of are the maximum topping up amount and how often you can top up the sim. This is extremely important as this determines how cost-effective this method is for you. For example:


Maximum topping up amount: £30
Topping up period: 30 days

Monthly total income per SIM: £30


Maximum topping up amount £50
Topping up period: 14 days

Monthly total income per SIM: £100

Take note that this is just an example and the amount you top up will not be the same as the amount you will receive from the exchanger.

From this we can see it’s much more sensible to use SIM B as it gives more than triple the income.

You have found the right SIM cards and everything is going smoothly, time to stick it in your mobile phone and start topping up. Now for this step I recommend purchasing a phone that allows you to change its IMEI, because after a while your phones will eventually get blocked. This depends on how quick the cardholder reports an unauthorised purchase and how quick the SIM provider reacts. This again I will leave for you to figure out. A good phone to purchase to counter this problem is an Apple Iphone 2G (not any later models), there is specific software (available on the internet for free) for this model that allows you to change its IMEI.

Step 3: The Transaction

This is the simplest of the steps but still requires some thought. Once everything has been prepared and the phones are topped up its time to contact the customer service assistant you talked to previously and confirm with them that you are sending SMS. A few things to make clear when talking to them is, how long it will take for the funds to be received in your WMZ account (usually instant), how much WMZ they have in reserves(you only want to send enough SMS to receive guaranteed payment) & how many SMS can be sent per phone. Also don’t feel scared to ask for a better rate if you are sending in big quantities, you are a customer and it’s perfectly reasonable to ask such a question. Usually they will give you a better rate, but they may ask you to give them more time to send funds. Once you have gone through the details it’s time to get down to business. Send the SMS and watch your WMZ wallet fill up.

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