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Nov 26, 2018
This tutorial is mainly if you are a merchant and you are carding your own products that you have listed up for sale.

Merchant account providers such as Plimus or Avangate use sophisticated methods of detecting fraud.
One method that they use is they compare computers that have placed orders.
If a Windows Vista OS using Google chrome web browser placed 20 orders in the same day
A red flag will be raised. Despite the fact that you are changing your IP address or hiding it using a VPN / Socket
The web merchant will still raise a red flag if the same OS and same Browser keep placing orders

Guess what Im here to teach you on how to beat the system!
This is very simply to do; you don’t need to keep using different computers with different browsers
All you need to do is download and install some simple plugins

1) Head over to Mozzilla website and download Firefox

2) Ones you have downloaded Firefox install it (obviously)

3) Ones Firefox is up* go to and search for “User Agent Switcherâ€

4) Download + install the add-on and restart your web browser (YOU NEED TO RESTART)

5) Start up Firefox go to Tools > User Agent Switcher > User Agents

6) You have a selection of web browser that you can select along with different OS

7) Select the OS + Browser you want then hover to a website you are carding from + place the order (Don’t forget the VPN + Socket!)

What this does is it tricks the website into thinking you are placing an order from a Different computer + Different web browser
Let’s say you are using a windows computer with firefox* you can trick the website into thinking you are placing the order from a Mac OS with Google chrome where in reality you are just tampering with the User Agent.
This tutorial has been made been written
All credits go to me since I am the author of this article
Mar 14, 2020
你好我是中国人 你也是吗 我想可不可以和你学习技术因为家里孩子需要钱治病,想和您学习多赚点钱为孩子治病

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