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Nov 26, 2018
What is Drop-address?
-When credit cards are stolen, they are often used quickly online before thecard can be reported as stolen. The people who are shopping online with a stolen credit card number must find an address that the goods can be delivered to that can not be traced back to a location where the robber can be arrested. These addresses are called drops. Merchandise is sent to a drop, and normally picked-up from the drop by a person who is paid to go collect the boxes.

Method 1:
pick it up from the post office
Method 2:
Send it to your neighbors and just say you accidently used the wrong address. and make sure you tell them after you carded, like before it arrives just say you made a mistake when you ordered something on the internet. They Should be okay with it.
Method 3:

Find out When some people in your City are on holiday
Go to the people's house(should be detached house)
Break in(backdoor) at the day they ship the package.
wait when the package arrives, take it and go the same way out of the house
More ways added soonDrop address Explained

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